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so I just discovered I can post via email, yay blackberry!
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concerts and blogs...

i posted some interesting on-the-spot writing in a comment to billvy's blog post with the diner picture jack took:

jack is one of the people i look up to in life, and not because i'm short but because i admire him so. meeting people like him highlights my life, just like meeting the whole of tai. this past night i saw the rocket summer, and having the cocnert end with a seven minute rendition of so, in this hour... made my day and possibly my year. that song is probably my favourite song, and seeing bryce avary reminded me of what i love... enjoying music. i'm sure you know how amazing bryce is, having toured with him and all. there really aren't that many people that i admire so much as yourself, jack, and bryce... so inspiring you guys seem to make my life complete, filling it with the most amazing music and thoughtful documentations and photographs. i know what is feels like to have a hero. back in elementary school, when you had to pick your hero for those little projects, i never knew who to choose. in middle school people always asked what i wanted to do when i got older, who i wanted to be... i never knew. even now in high school i'm not sure i do know what i want to do with my life, but now i do know this at least... that i want to be someone, but not someone who sits at a desk helping people who don't care, but someone who gets off her ass and works to inspire people, someone who enjoys life and makes it better for other people. i want to live for god and others, and not just myself. your writing makes me smile... we could all smile a bit more. keep up the good work, don't ever stop inspiring people. not even when you're dead... make sure you live on in everyone's heart, because that's really what's important in this life; to be someone to inspire people in the present and future. love, elizabeth. 

so as it says, i saw the rocket summer tonight (well, technically my jackass nature ~god bill, will never forget that, ever~ says it's last night because it's morning and a new day, but isn't it still the same 'night'???) on their headlining tour, with phantom planet, the secret handshake, and the morning light. it was rather interesting... may blog later with details... just know i'm in with tsh and still have yet to meet bryce, he's my biggest musical hero, despite how much i adore tai and jack.

pictures up later maybe?

<333ilybbys124567890 ELIZABETH (:

Review of Fast Times.

(I originally wrote this for iTunes but it came out like over 3000 characters too long)
The Academy Is… Fast Times At Barrington High
5 stars (out of 5)
Elizabeth Major 8/19/08
Not Santi or Almost Here, but still DELICIOUS.
Personally, I don't find the tone of this album to be the band The Academy Is... as we have known in the past, it belongs to a band that has matured in sound, yet not heart. Bashing reviews from such prestigious periodicals at Rolling Stone and comical ones from magazines such as Seventeen may lead one to be skeptical about this new album, Fast Times At Barrington High, but do not hesitate upon purchase. Having grown accustomed to the sound change from The Academy EP to Almost Here, I knew that The Academy Is... was a maturing band, and when they changed their sound yet again for their sophomore album, Santi, I grew to love that as well. Santi still is my personal favourite album, the sound attributed to such esteemed musical influences in the classic rock genre... which has led even my dad to love The Academy Is.... One may liken the change in sound from Santi to Fast Times to perhaps taking a step back, as The Academy Is... reflects on life in high school, where young love and relationships and all sorts of things are just a blur, hence "fast times". The aptly named album, Fast Times At Barrington High, being a parody off of Fast Times At Ridgemont High, an eighties movie about several high schoolers and how their lives were spun into a whirlwind by sex, drugs, and the like, shows that vocalist William Beckett, as the primary songwriter, based the plots of the majority of the album's songs off of true things that happened at Barrington high, where he and bassist Adam Siska attended class.
Michael Guy Chislett’s contribution to the band, since his addition to the band near the end of writing and recording Santi, his had a large impact on the sound. He contributed only mildly to Santi as he replaced former lead guitarist Tom Conrad who left the band to go his own way and start his own band, Empires. Michael brought with him great guitar knowledge from being in bands before, one of which happened to be Butch Walker’s, a close personal friend of The Academy Is… having produced their sophomore album and also being the means of connecting Chislett to the band. In any event, the band’s sound, having been changed quite a few times, has evolved into something we can listen to easily, though not quite knowing it is the same band that wrote Santi, but more Almost Here…
The album stars guest vocals from Ryland Blackinton, guitarist of Cobra Starship, on About a Girl, Alex Suarez, bassist of Cobra Starship, on His Girl Friday, and Gabe Saporta, lead singer of Cobra Starship, and Mason Musso, singer and guitarist of Metro Station on Crowded Room. Blake Healy, keyboardist, synthesist, and bassist of Metro Station, plays on Summer Hair = Forever Young and His Girl Friday. Pianist and singer Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin also plays piano for the track After the Last Midtown Show.
The album content itself may not be as interesting as say the cover artwork and booklet photography by Beckett's own sister or perhaps the stories behind it all, but it sure is catchy. The lyrical content of the first three songs is rather weak when compared to what Beckett has written in the past, and they, being the most likely singles with About a Girl being released already as a single with a music video already recorded, and Summer Hair = Forever Young having a video made the day before the one for About a Girl, both shot on warped tour off days in July, and His Girl Friday being a potential single, are the songs that most people are likely to hear on MySpace, Facebook, or PureVolume and other social networking sites. About a Girl contains that age-old denial of a crush that anyone can relate to. Though undoubtedly these catchy pop-punk tunes showcase a vocal range from Beckett that he never really used before and should gain recognition from fans and new listeners alike. The fourth song, The Test, shows an increase in the quality of music writing, again depicting what The Academy Is… is capable of but still had not reached, once again ‘almost here’. The next four songs are perhaps some of the best on the regular album… like The Test, Rumored Nights shows the bands promise to make a great album. The next track, Automatic Eyes furthers the very much promising latter half of Fast Times. These two songs definitely make one double check his or herself to see if he or she is even listening to the same album, as they do not carry the same pop-punk quality as the first three songs. Upon listening to Crowded Room one may be reassured they are even listening to the same artist as is contains hints to past recordings… the writing style and rhythms of guitar and drums and chugging bass line are clearly reminiscent of Almost Here. Coppertone, a personal favourite, also holds close to the writing style of Almost Here, but is a lighter tune with great vocals from Beckett. The lyrics on the past two songs remind one of why they fell in love with The Academy Is… with Beckett reaching much farther down in, digging back to his angst-filled side, lyrics full of emotion and strength, not just drama or simple romance but complication. The ballad After the Last Midtown Show throws us back into the thick of high school and romance, into a story of young love, and what the album is about at its core, what we aim to achieve in life. The line “we’re almost here again” sparks curiosity as to what Beckett was aiming for. Perhaps the line is a parody on becoming more like their first hit album then their sophomore, and musically stronger, album Santi, and then again it could simply mean he is almost where he wants to be in his relationship. In any even the ballad is a stand out track, being a favourite of both guitarist Michael Guy Chislett and bassist Adam Siska. Track 10, entitled Beware! Cougar! is a more lighthearted song about being with a cougar, or older woman for sex. Beckett taps more into his playful nature in this song, as does the drumming rhythm of The Butcher and guitarist Mike Carden. The song’s entirety is playful and clever, with the subject matter and lyrics tying directly to the sound, and is a very well written song. Paper Chase is also a very playful song, the beat rather up-tempo and the subject likens it to the track Neighbors on Santi… the songs are very much the same being party songs, but whereas Neighbors was the stand out, maybe even misplaced, song on Santi, Paper Chase sits comfortably at the end of Fast Times, again capturing the essence of the album. The last track on the regular album, One More Weekend had to be one of those ‘whoah’ tracks that leave the listener blown away, maybe even with chills of awe as they finish the album, and I would have to say that it does match up to that expectation. The lyric Beckett wrote in this song is a retrospective on high school and the fast times and all, perhaps a reflection on the albums content as well… the content of the songs I must say. The lines “You’ve got all the friends you need, bad tattoos and worse IDs. Do you feel alive? Do you feel alive?” makes one think whether life in the fast lane is worth it or not. The chorus, “You’ll go off, you’ll forget, you’ll grow out of hanging from the edges, breaking off the past. You’ll know when to move on, you’ll know when to take all the right chances, never looking back” leaves us one with the feel that The Academy Is… has graduated and is moving on into the future, not being too risky and taking bad steps but knowing what steps to take and when to take them. Paper Chase is about graduating and having fun, then coming to the realization of the world in One More Weekend, when the fun and risk must end and one has to face life and still live it to its fullest.
The three iTunes bonus tracks include two of the best songs on the entire album. Every Burden Has a Version is a very strong track, pulling back the sound lost on this album that they had on Santi with heavy guitar and vocals, with the lyrics being very heavy and meaningful as well. Sodium is also a very great song, with an intro to blow you back to Santi indefinitely. It has the same qualities of the Santi tracks at the end of said album, very strong guitar and the vocals are very emotionally charged. The writing quality would make even the Santi fans that don’t like Fast Times want them. The guitar solo and overall tone makes one wonder why they ever doubted The Academy Is… in the first place because they will always have that heavier side to them, especially listening to classic rock on a daily basis. Their old influences came back and do not disappoint. The final track is the acoustic version of the single About a Girl. As we well know, About a Girl is a very light and catchy song, and perhaps the worst track on the album once you have listened to the rest, but the acoustic version definitely does it justice. In my opinion, the acoustic version may even be better then the original, as the synth-style intro to the first track throws the album off-key. Therefore I do believe the album with bonus tracks ends rather light and it isn’t a problem, oh, and for those of your craving more acoustics… Hot Topic has put out two new The Academy Is… tees, one of which contains a tag with a code to download the acoustic version of His Girl Friday, which is also a very good acoustic and possibly better than the original.
Being a true fan, I have said what I can of the new album, and the rest is left for you to interpret, but for a band that titled their debut album Almost Here in hopes of becoming what they wanted soon, I’d say they have reached it in their junior album, despite being quite unsure of where they stood in the past. The Academy Is… has become what they set out to be, navigating through some ‘fast times’, and all that’s left for the world is to wait and see where they go next.

end tysm for reading (:


w00t... can't wait!


you know you care!

yeahyeahyeah, me and my fbr street team promotions!


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